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Aseeum is a computer technologies and services company which provides the needed technology & security infrastructure for business. As a single source solution provider for all your technical requirements, Aseeum can assist you in meeting today's current business challenges, either on a project or contract basis.

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Here's A Little Info About Us.

While was founded in April of 2015, our IT staff have years of real world experience in many areas of computer technologies and services. We are currently located in Blue Ridge, Georgia and are looking to expand our business nationally.

What's In A Name?

Aseeum (pronounced: Ahh-See-Umm) derives it's name from the Ceratopogonidae.
A mountain pest known locally as no-see-ums, that is prolific throughout the Appalachian Mountains. We started out with the intention of finding a name for the Computer Security Services area of our business. We thought Weseeum would be a cool name as in "we-see-umm coming". There's an old saying in mountain lore that goes something like this; "You have to have a screen door in the mountains for the no-see-ums, so you can see-umm- coming". So we ran with that. However, we needed a parent name for the company as well. The Computer Security Services area is just one small part of the services we offer. Hence the name "".

What's With The Wolf?

We literally live computers! We have a life ... it's just all computers. We are also engaged socially ... it's just all computers. Of the hundreds of sites we interact with all of them have computer images everywhere! We decided to be different. We adopted the Wolf & Owl for our company image as both have a keen sense of sight.

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Web Design

Aseeum Specializes In Web Design

Aseeums' core business is focused on three areas: PC Repair, Linux & Windows Software Installation or Issues, as well as Web & Graphics Design. You will find a small sampling of our work at the following link to our projects page below. We also offer various hosting plans for all of our client's projects. Aseeums' core services are listed below.

Please contact us directly by phone for a quote on your companies project.

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Employment Opportunities

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